Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dear Senator McCain: 

In this evening's debate, you indicated Sarah Palin knows something about Autism Disorder. From where do you obtain your facts? If you were attempting to make a connection between her alleged knowledge of Autism Disorder and the fact that her youngest child has Down Syndrome, then let me be among the first to inform you that the two disorders are entirely different. I have been a parent of a son with Autism Disorder for seven years, and I will admit freely that my knowledge of Down Syndrome is very limited at best. There is no relationship between these two disorders. 

Another question: How is it, exactly, that Palin could know anything about either disorder, seeing that she's been traveling about the country since her special-needs child was four months old? One needs to be an involved parent of a special-needs child to truly understand the issues. I suspect if you were to ask her directly about her knowledge of these issues, her response may not be as well-informed as you may think. 



Anonymous said...

Ha! The Wife and I both said that the Chesterley estate would pick up on that immediately.

Rob said...

Yup. I was jumping out of my skin. My wife was listening very intently, ignoring my molt.

Anonymous said...

I screamed at the TV and knew it was too late to call you and we'd be up all nite fuming about such a dumb oh comment....xo mom

witchcat said...

Ahhh so I didn't imagine that reference to autism after all. I wager that McCain thinks all SPED kids are the same--if you've seen one you've seen them all.

Do you suppose we ought to correct his thinking?