Thursday, May 04, 2006

Neighborhood Noise

It's actually quite pleasant around the vast grounds of Chesterley this morning (um, right...I can count about five houses from where I sit, but anyhow...). I sit outside on the back deck, and I'm going to get a few more points done on the intro outline. It's rather peaceful. Chester sits here at my feet and we listen to the birds and occasional dog barking. Oh wait, Chester is barking now to...Chester, no. Thanks buddy. Anyhow, aside from regular neighborhood noise here, life is pretty good. I could get used to getting work done out here.

Onward, then.


Ryan said...

You sit outside on the deck and work, I'm currently in the office working. How's that fair?

Anonymous said...

Woof! Bark!

Rob said...

hey, work is work. i just attempt to make the location nice.

And yes, I went to the office this afternoon, pal.

Hey, who was that barking at me?? ;)