Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Organization for the week/Cafe Haze

I'm at the cafe today; I've been here since about 9AM. Good meeting with Colleague today (who actually prefers I call her Pink Princess on this blog) (I'm not making this up! hahaha), and we had a good old fashioned discussion/argument about some constructs I'm working on developing for this study. I love a good argument among friends. She's plugging along on her outline for Chapter 1, while working a full time job that has her teaching two master's courses. I don't know how she holds it together.

I've eaten a healthy lunch, and now I'm getting the Cafe Haze. This is bad. I'll spend a little time web-surfing, then I'll get more coffee and find some focus.

Scholarly goals for the week:
  • Finish my data analysis for the pilot study (I have no idea how long this will take)
  • Finish a draft of the final paper to share with the Pink Princess by next Tuesday
  • Write a short paperon My Teaching Philosophy that will get rid of an incomplete grade I wasn't expecting (ah, the hoops through which we must jump)
Personal goals:
  • Exercise regularly (had a nice walk with Chester & Wife yesterday morning)
  • Lose two pounds (translation: stop eating like a garbage disposal...ew)

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