Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In the LIBRARY??

Brace yourself. I'm attempting to work in the library. No coffee or "atmosphere" here. Just me, my wireless laptop, and the cube in which I sit. I'm hoping to find focus & structure in here. So far it's looking pretty empty, but I'll let you know if I run across the little buggers later on.

I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow morning. I realize more than ever that I am only as productive as my deadlines are near. I'm looking forward to the advice and the proverbial kick in the tuchas.

If I can get my thoughts down on paper between now and tomorrow AM, it'll be a miracle. Has anyone seen Miracle Max lately? I need to have a chat with him.


lemming said...

The lack of windows and natural lighting makes it near impossible for me to work at the library. Oh for the days when Course Reserves was a large and naturally lit space and actually conducive to getting work done - or tracking down a classmate.

(curses the idiot who switched the rooms around)

Joe said...

If I could get any work done in the library, I'd be dangerous.

Rob said...

LOL Joe!

Well, I got the "urgent but not important" things done (Covey reference, sorry), but the stuff that was really important waited till the last minute last night & this morning.

But I guess I'm a last-minute, cafe sort of guy.