Friday, April 29, 2005

Glass of Wine with Dinner

I have a ton of work to do tonight and the entire weekend long. However, sometimes I just need a glass of wine. Kinda just smoothes out the intensity of things.

It's also been dawning on me that this is a foreshadow of getting my "real" life back. After next Monday, when I no longer will take more than one class at a time, I plan to work at my assistantship certain days, on my dissertation other days, and then try to take a good portion of evening time off to spend with the family and/or friends. A normal existence for a change, instead of a constant drive to spend 24/7 on coursework. And that just may involve drinking a glass, or two, of wine at my dinner. Damnit.

So, this relaxed Ph.D. student is going to give his child a bath before his bedtime. Again, a normal existence. I could get used to this again...easily.


Cousin Dave said...

Since when does "normal existence" mean you get to spend evenings with family and friends??? Cousin o mine, you DEFINITELY have been out of the non-academic world a long time!

Rob said...

Not quite sure where you're going here, Dave. I guess it depends on what you call normal. "Normal" to me is a balance between work and play. It's all part of my life...but ya gotta have balance.

What else would I be doing once my job ends at the end of the day? Certainly not sitting alone with my head in a book how I am now much of the time. I'll be better-able to separate out my work time and play time now that coursework is ending, because I'll be on a self-imposed schedule not quite as directed by the schoolyear. Am looking forward to having my balance back, like I did when I was working full-time. Even in a 50-60 hour per week job, I had more life balance than THIS.

Cousin Dave said...

Hmm. I see your point. Guess I'm lacking a great deal of balance. Enjoy the balance you have, was my point really. Been a bad week balance-wise, here.

Rob said...

Sorry 2 hear that - we'll tawlk.

lemming said...

Glass of wine with dinner has been a big help - I also suggest having one later in the evening as a reward for getting through tough writing moments. (I had to write about a dying child a while back and that was hard.)